Hear what partners, speakers and participants had to say about our prior events...

"The ConnectPreneur team run great events with world-class investors. They help you with all of the prep you need and in our case, it helped us get an offer from investors within two weeks of our pitch. Even if you didn't get the same quick result, the prep you do will improve your pitch dramatically. I highly recommend working with them - they know fundraising."

Founder, Fireside Strategic

"Thanks for giving us the opportunity to host such a great event, perfectly orchestrated as always. I hope we can continue to host in Baltimore, as well as in DC occasionally too."

Alex Triantis, Dean, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

"I have pitched at and attended many events like this and I can safely say that the organisation and professionalism of the CONNECTPreneur event is right up there with the best I have experienced. It was great fun, the other companies were very impressive and the team at CONNECTPreneur were brilliant to work with. I couldn't recommend it enough. "

Finan O'Donohue, CEO of Campsited

"Your focus on investing and getting early stage companies off the ground is tremendous."

Neal Koller, CEO, Alphyn Biologics

"Thank you so much as always for what you’re doing to strengthen this great ecosystem and support startups in the area – we really appreciate it!"

John Lundgren, CEO, Breachbits

"That was a great event! You are making a great contribution to moving innovation economy forward in this region. Much respect!"

Mi Jeong Hibbits, Executive Director, The Global Chamber

"Hands down, the best networking event I have ever attended."

David Stoffel, CEO & Co-Founder, COR Group Italia, Inc.

"Best networking event on the East Coast."

Andrew Berkowitz, COO, Tradeversity; Founder, The Global Startup Movement

"The best networking event on the planet for meeting investors."

Neil Kleinberg, Founder & CEO, DiliVer

"I think this is one of the most important tech events in the DC area."

Rich Carlson, President, Neon Dolphin Technology Group; CEO, Wireless Matrix

"Thank you for what you are doing; you help keep the fire burning in the bellies of all of us entrepreneurs!"

Todd Mercer, CEO/Founder, Immersive Marketing Technologies

"Thank you again for the invitation to CONNECTpreneur. It is so incredible to watch this Forum become THE entrepreneurship/investor forum in the Washington DC metro area, and maybe even the entire Mid-atlantic region."

Dennis Defensor, Senior VP, Worldwide Sales, OROCK Technologies

"...really great event!"

Anthony Allard, General Manager, GE

"You have no idea how badly I want to attend your events. Best in the Mid-Atlantic by far."

Brian Park, Startup Grind

"CONNECTpreneur is the region's leading event for bringing together people who will drive our economy forward."

Lyles Carr, Senior Vice President, The McCormick Group

"I thought the event yesterday at Marymount University was absolutely outstanding! The attendance was fantastic and the content was extraordinary. Thank you for curating such a great event. The Vice Chair of the Arlington County Board was extraordinarily impressed. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of it and we look forward to the next event."

Victor Hoskins, Director, Arlington County (VA) Economic Development

"I had a blast - you assembled an amazing team of folks to pull off an amazing one day conference. I learned so much, met some incredible people and will definitely cherish the opportunity you provided me."

Paul McNeal, Co-Founder, CryptoMarket360

"Best networking event in town! Thank you, Team Tien! Another SOLD-OUT, standing room only, Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Forum. Really enjoyed it. Great new connections for Delight Me! Thank you so much for the All Star coaching."

Marie-Louise Murville, Founder and CEO, Delight Me, Inc.

"Superlative event as always!"

Scott Stephens, EVP, Bendure Communications

"Great event! As always!"

Adam Viener, Chairman & Founder, IM Wave

"It was an honor to participate in your superb CONNECTpreneur Forum. You truly do outstanding work. I greatly appreciate your mentoring, introductions, and support. Thank you for providing such amazing value to presenting entrepreneurs, sponsors, investors, and attendees in the DC/MD/VA region."

Marie-Louise Murville, Founder and CEO, Delight Me, Inc.

"This is an event everyone should attend. Great insight and support from DC venture/Private Equity ecosystem."

Hank Torbert, Principal, RLMcCall Capital Partners

"…one of the single greatest entrepreneur/ VC-related events the region will see…"

Carl Pierre, Staff Writer, InTheCapital

"Not every investor and startup meeting in town is worthwhile. I would run through walls to get to yours though."

Joe Kessler, CEO, Next Stage Development Co.

"No B.S. that was the best biz networking event I have ever been to."

Darren Womer, CEO, National Capital Companies

"Your event yesterday is the best I have been to, very productive."

Steven Chen, BluVenture Investors

"It was incredible to meet so many different people from the VC/entrepreneur community, and it was a staggering turnout. Safe to say I don't see this event being topped anytime soon."

Carl Pierre, Staff Writer, InTheCapital

"One of the best events I have ever sponsored."

Mark Ellenbogen, Partner, BDO

"You pulled off a great conference. I really enjoyed it!"

John Backus, Managing Partner, New Atlantic Ventures

"What a great event! Your Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Forum gathered some of the most creative, passionate, and successful entrepreneurs in the area. I met interesting people, learned a lot, and have some follow-up meetings. I hope to support you in the future."

Bridget Bean, Acting Regional Administrator, US Small Business Administration

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in CONNECTpreneur. It was a great experience. And, another thank you for access to the coaches. I personally got a lot out of their sessions. Several folks stopped by our table afterwards and we received good feedback and interest in what we are building in ePN and vidSOURCE."

George Spears, CEO & Founder, ePurchasing Network

"I had a great time… I have nothing but superlatives and very positive feedback on the event."

Steve Winter, President & Owner, Brotman-Winter-Fried

"Event yesterday was great. Quality attendees, good energy, contacts & content."

Bud Morrissette, CEO, Interstate Group Holdings

"I enjoyed this event a lot!"

Tom Scholl, General Partner, Novak Biddle Venture Partners

"I thought you put on a terrific event. I was really impressed with the caliber of people and the format of the event."

Jim Van Eperen, Angel Investor, CEO, TerraWi

"It was as professionally run and better attended than any similar event I’ve been to in a long while."

John Colwell, Managing Director, Mentor Capital Partners

"That was one of the best VC conferences I can remember attending. It had all the positive energy of the boom years, without the unbridled reckless exuberance."

Jim Long, Founder, VentureCross Partners

"Amazing how many high-level people you had..."

Wade Tetsuka, CEO, U.S. Transactions Corporation

"Great event."

Rick Smith, CEO, News USA

"This was an AMAZING event."

Fred Diamond, Founder, Institute for Excellence in Sales and Business Development

"Another high quality event."

J.D. Kathuria, Founder & CEO, Washington Executive

"I got many calls from attendees who were blown away by your ability to bring the right people together & the fact that CONNECTpreneur tops events in Silicon Valley…."

Teresa Moraska, Founder and CEO, Warrior Communications

"...it was an outstanding event! Thank you for having us be part of CONNECTpreneur. ...I feel like I’ve experienced the best of breed in networking and relationship groups. Nicely done."

Jack Quarles, Co-Author, Same Side Selling

"…amazing event this morning."

Adam Zuckerman, Founder and CEO, Fosterly

"Congrats on a great event today. I was delighted to be part of it."

Reid Snyder, General Manager, InTheCapital

"Today’s event was FANTASTIC! WELL organized with GREAT people. Thanks so much for the invite. Would like to be included again."

Dennis Lucey, Vice President, TKC Global

"Really nice event and nice selection of companies. Thanks again for putting on a great event."

Michael Labriola, Associate, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

"What a great conference...There was a distinct energy and enthusiasm at your meeting, unlike the usual droll meetings like this. So well done."

John Holaday, CEO, QRx Pharma

"Great event this week! Great speakers, atmosphere and people! Reminded me of the good ole days!"

Tom Kohn, EVP Cygnus Business Media. Founder, Transactis

"The event this week was awesome. I really appreciate you including me. You make such a positive impact on this region."

John Kealey, CEO, Decision Lens

"The event today was awesome! I was blown away with a few of the presenters! Really enjoyed it. Thank you."

Katherine Makrides, New Business Development, The Meltzer Grou\p

"Great info, good people - who could ask for anything more! Thanks again, appreciate it!"

Mitch Arnowitz, Managing Director. Tuvel Communications LLC

"The event was awesome and the vibe excellent. Not just me but I heard everyone say the same thing."

Sebastian Fainbraun, Managing Director, AppTel

"It was a really good crowd of operators and investors…rare for these so-called "forums."

David Giannini, Chairman and CEO, CirrusWorks. Founder and CEO, Core Communications

"I greatly enjoyed the Big Idea event today. Really well done\!"

John L. Funge, CEO, BrightContext Corporation

"Bravo! Great program."

Tony Cord, Director, Riveron Consulting

"It was first class....well done!"

Chad MacDonald, CEO, Connected Services

"Your conference last week was one of the best I have ever attended. Really good content, speakers and networking."

Jeffrey Guzy, Director, Pivotal Information Technology, MIT Enterprise Forum and Leatt Corporation

"I would rate the event A+. I am so impressed how approachable and helpful each person was whom I met and also the panel speakers. Thanks for doing such a great job with this!"

Liz Updike, President, Liz Enterprises

"Great panels, speakers and company presentations. I made some excellent contacts and learned a lot."

Mike Knapp, President and CEO, Orion BioStrategies, Inc.

"I met quite a few folks that wanted to follow up with me on my new company. I will keep you posted on how things go and really appreciate you including me today."

Todd Drake, Co-Founder, ManageUrID

"I wanted to drop a note thanking you guys so much for all you did for us not only today but over the last few weeks. I'm pretty amazed at the whole process...Working with the coaches and the preparation really helped us tune our game plan for not only raising capital, but for thinking though our model overall. Dealing with everyone today was top shelf. You guys can really put on an event."

Michael Sarvi, CEO, Gamescape

"Loved every minute of it."

Fred Diamond, Founder and President, Institute for Execllence in Sales and Business Development

"Another blockbuster meeting!"

Dr. John Holaday, Chairman and CEO, QRX Pharma; Founder, EntreMed and MaxCyte

"I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to participate in last night's event - what an unbelievable gathering! Was enormously productive for us and I was left with some really exciting new ideas and opportunities. "

Allen Waziri, CEO of ICE Neurosystems, Inc.

"Great event! The energy and execution was perfect- content- rich."

Narges Zamani, President, Wharton Club of the National Capital Region

"...hats off on another AWESOME event yesterday! The location and logistics were perfect! You could feel the energy in the room and it was great to see you all!"

Ali Qureshi, COO, NuAxis Innovations